I’m a Europe-based remote Software Engineer, currently working as a Frontend Architect for L’Oreal. For the past 10+ years I’ve been helping companies develop web applications, optimize website performance, create effective development teams and optimize their software development processes.

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Circuit breakers

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The more invested you are in a specific solution to a problem the harder it is for you to consider other options. I prove this to myself on a daily basis. This is why I’ve adopted a circuit breaker — I say “STOP!”, out loud. Picked this trick up from Deep Work, by Cal Newport, a couple of years back. Works like a charm!

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Core Web Vitals - The DevTools coverage report

/ Core Web Vitals / Web Performance

Since Google announced their initiative to include page experience KPIs in how they calculate search engine rankings, brands have been faced with the poor performance of their websites. Years of technical debt induced by feature development and optimization for delivery and shorter time to market are now taking their toll. What many of us fail to read is the fine print of Google’s reasoning and recommendations around Core Web Vitals. We’re missing the fact that Core Web Vitals only impact ranking in mobile searches.

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How to remove the trailing slash of a URL on a Hugo static website running on Netlify

/ Static Site Generators

I recently migrated www.oprea.rocks from Gatsby.js to Hugo. My biggest complaint was not being able to remove the trailing slash on all pages. Assuming your website is on Netlify, here are the steps to remove trailing slashes on your Hugo website/blog. Enable asset optimization on Netlify You can hand-pick your settings but for this purpose I left them all on — especially the “Pretty URLs” setting. That turns the HTML files generated by Hugo into nicely formatted URLs, but without that ugly, trailing slash.

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