I’m a Europe-based remote Software Engineer, currently working as a Frontend Architect for L’Oreal. For the past 10+ years I’ve been helping companies develop web applications, optimize website performance, create effective development teams and optimize their software development processes.

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Code brevity

/ web-development

We all want to write simple, short, effective code. My biggest desire when i was just starting up as a developer was to write short code. Even today, when I look at a piece of code, my initial reaction is to look for ways to simplify . The problem? I might not know enough about the problem I’m solving or the code I am working with to make that change… yet.

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Let’s become web developers again

/ web-development

We’ve turned everything into bundles of JavaScript and everything else… even HTML is JavaScript… I spend most of my day looking at red text in the console and in performance audit reports for websites. Websites, mind you, not web apps! The web can do so much these days so let’s become web developers again. Or, in the words of the great Jay Z: Get back to rap, you’re T-paining too much…

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Circuit breakers

/ Opinion

The more invested you are in a specific solution to a problem the harder it is for you to consider other options. I prove this to myself on a daily basis. This is why I’ve adopted a circuit breaker — I say “STOP!”, out loud. Picked this trick up from Deep Work, by Cal Newport, a couple of years back. Works like a charm!

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